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Bramma dedicates his latest single to all "Freedom Fighter", track produced by Tri-Def Music Group and digitally distributed by Zojak World Wide.

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Bramma - Freedom Fighter (Lyrics Snippet)

Man a freedom fighter
Man a freedom fighter

Mi do this fi Marcus Garvey
Mi do this fi Nanny and Bogle
Sam Sharpe, Malcolm dem a mogul
Nelson Mandela member him show yuh

Man a freedom fighter
Mek yuh fist we a freedom fighter
Oh God, man a real ol' survivor
Inna the Gideon man a real fighter

Yow, man step inna the Gideon
Nowadays everybody waan be the man
Most people get caught inna religion
And dem don't see the fact that it's causing division
Some a hustle out a mini-van
Sufferation inna the island take it over like Gilligan
Dem a treat we like criminal
Armageddon time come look pon the people dem a Senegal
And now it get critical
Genocide warfare, digital that typical
Mi nuh inna spiritual ritual