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Bramma talks how people "Change" when influenced by fortune and fame in new track, produced by S-Lock Entertainment.

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Bramma - Change (Lyrics Snippet)

It's funny how money makes n*ggas wanna change
See mi coming up so why they acting all strange
And though I know it's part of the game
A lot a sh!t comes with fortune and fame
It's funny how money make the homies wanna change
Dawg we grow up so why yuh acting all strange
And now you getting jealous of this life that I live
Concrete jungle, let me tell you how it is

Mi trust mi self, nuh trust mi neighbor
A could a wah do dutty naaga
Yuh know mi nah beg none a dem nuh favor
Is like dem wah mi kill dem, but a dem mi prefer pray fah
Jah a mi light, him a mi savior
Although dem wah mi drop inna mi grave sah
Yuh know mi nah go mek dem rise mi blood pressure
Mi seh yuh haffi stand up firm inna dem yah last days yah

But still we haffi go on
Gorilla a seh, nuh put yuh trust in no man
Wid all the evil works weh dem bwoy deh a perform
None a dem nuh roll thunder, everyday mi chant a Psalm