Bounty Killer Might Go Gospel? - Talks State Of Music & Poverty In Jamaica

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The warlord started off by addressing recent Onstage TV interview by Mavado. Killer claims that you shouldn't throw insults that you're not willing to back up and that he's ready to take on anyone on the big stage (Sting / Sumfest). According to Bounty, he would rather a lyrical war rather than throwing insult back and forth in interviews.

According to Bounty, the state of the country is a mess and the fact that the church has to come forth and take a stance says it all. He believes that "Poverty is the most significant thing that leads to crime" in Jamaica. People killing off young kids, roads that needs fixing and the lack of water in some areas needs fixing. While Killer argues that dancehall is important, he believes that the state of the culture/country needs more immediate attention. Bounty insist that instead of lobbying to publicize homosexuality, people should be lobbying to end poverty because poverty poses a much bigger problem for Jamaicans.

Towards the end of the interview, Bounty Killer hinted that he might even go gospel. According to him, when he started in the music business he followed the tradition left by the elders (Josey Wales, Shabba Ranks, Yellow Man, etc). The younger generations on the other hand are doing their own thing (preaching unconsciousness, freakiness, demons etc). Bounty killer says that when he speaks out about these immoral issues, people label him as bad-mind. He states that, "the truth hurts but it works".