Bounty Killer & Beenie Man - Legendary - Starstruck Records

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Long time rivals Bounty Killer and Beenie Man join forces to give us something "Legendary". This long awaited track was produced by Star$truck Records.

Bounty Killer & Beenie Man - Legendary (Lyrics Snippet)

Legendary, legendary
Legendary, legendary
Weh dem a brag bout man done that already
We clean and we out and we swag legendary

(Verse 1)
Legendary thing nuh bwoy nuh ramp wid it
Money man a mek round the clock wi stock the G
Tek dem to school because we stamping it
Fool dem fi know seh we mad and bad wid it
When it come to balling we nuh play it's not scrimmage
The gyal dem waan fi touch we cause dem love we hot image
Warlord and Doc lock from Brixton to Greenwich
Beenie Man and Bounty hot from start to the finish

Man a legend in the street, man a born killer
And mi pocket see more cash than a bank teller
Man a platinum seller, open gyal umbrella
Lock down from Rototom go to Coachella
Some bwoy dem haffi cool and chill wid the bag a antics
Dem nuh badder than this
Like when dem on the top dem drop and fall of quick like avalanches
Mi nuh watch face a the gyal dem mi seh
And mi nuh business in another man biz
Mi nuh care who some other man is