Bongo Kanny - Civil Disobedience (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Bongo Kanny performing "Civil Disobedience", produced by Peckings Records. Video directed, filmed and edited by Likkle Minty.

Bongo Kanny - Civil Disobedience (Lyrics)

What's your occupation
Join the demonstration
Yeah, working from 9 to 6
Pick up the crumbs from the biscuit
No-na hear we cry
Bonus fi the big guy
We a laughing stock
Get out this trap

Civil disobedience, inna China
Civil disobedience, inna London
Civil disobedience, Afghanistan
Civil disobedience, all over the world

Time revealing
Yeah, the leaders ain't leading
Man and money
Hand pick dummies
Delivering bad news
Ignorant of truth
Incarcerating tongues
Guns for funds

Civil disobedience, inna Japan
Civil disobedience, Brazil
Civil disobedience, Inna Libya