Blak Diamon - Bang Bang (Official Music Video)

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Blak Diamon performs music video for "Bang Bang", song produced by Anju Blax for UIM Records. Video directed by Scorpio21.

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Blak Diamon - Bang Bang (Lyrics Snippet)

From yuh see the Blak Blak yuh know seh man a don
Clarks pon feet and magnum inna hand
Shades over face and a same so mi tan
And the kush man a pull yuh know seh it ever strong
Browning inna the dance and a shake her bottom
Thugs inna the corner a hold it with the gang
People inna the kitchen and a bare food a nyam
Every song the selector pull-up yuh know a grand

Bang-bang, bidi-bang-bang, bidi-bang-bang, bidi-bang
Bang-bang, bidi-bang-bang, bidi-bang-bang, bidi-bang
Everybody inna the dance help mi buss a blank
From old to young a skank

Dem just a pssst after me, gyal dem just a pssst after me
She see me inna the dance and just a swing her body
All bout pon the ground she just a fling her body
Any sound test mi sound thing a sing harmony
If a nuh soup, if a nuh curry mi boil hominy
Big up town massive Ochi to Trelawny
Nuh bwoy cyah fling nuh thump nor fist after mi
Dem jealous true dem girl a send kiss after mi
Check the gents, check the tie
Check the bill on the bar it so high
Tooth fi a tooth, eye fi a eye
Blak Diamon mi name and mi nuh fear nuh guy