Black Am I - In The Ghetto (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Black-Am-I performing "In The Ghetto" off the compilation 'Set Up Shop Vol 2'. Video directed by Dameon Gayle.

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Black Am I - In The Ghetto (Lyrics Snippet)

In the ghetto, more dance fi keep
Life ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff
But the music sweet
In the ghetto, more dance fi keep
Cause things tuff, tuff, tuff, tuff, tuff
But the music sweet

(Verse 1)
Music loud, pot a cook and vibes a bill
Pretty woman nuff till dem dash weh and a spill
And if my thing fly and I even sell a mil
I'm satisfied with my ghetto girl still
Will always find a way once there's a will
The stereotype is that we only rob and kill
When dem arrive dem surprise fi see way a surf chill
Dem a wonder how dem people yah so skill

(Verse 2)
After we juggle all week and the dollars nuh whole heap
The only joy weh come cheap a when sound system a beat
Ghetto party so nice dem nuh know how we dweet
Mek bare foreigners waan come out in the street
So hear me mister officer just give me a bly
We naw mek no war and we naw bruk no fight
Mi come fi listen music and gwaan hail for rights
It's our only for of joy that's why