Big Famili - Boom Smile (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Big Famili (King Kalabash & Baron Black) performing "Boom Smile", produced by Black House Music.

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Big Famili - Boom Smile (Lyrics)

Boom, boom
Ba-ba boom boom
Boom, boom
Ba-ba-ba boom, boom

The way you look, the way you smile
Charisma and style
Your whole profile just drive me crazy
Just drive me crazy
Love the way you move, love the way you talk
Feel it deep inside, you touch my heart
You a drive me crazy
You a drive man crazy

Mi love your style, wicked & wild
Seeing you tonight it must be a sign
Heaven send, I know you a mine
Take it slow, let us bump and grind
Smooth heart with the angel voice
Baa-ba boom, later tonight
Love I thing till the morning light

Everywhere you go you bring happiness
Positive vibration and nothing less
Virtuous woman you're so God bless
And every time I see your face
I really got to confess

Boom, boom
Ba-ba boom boom
Mek mi heart go boom boom
Ba-ba boom, boom
Boom, boom
Ba-ba boom boom
Mek mi heart go boom boom
Ba-ba-ba boom, boom