Benny Page Ft. Assassin - Champion Sound (Official Music Video)

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Benny Page and Assassin performs music video for "Champion Sound", produced by High Culture Recordings and Rise Artists Ltd. Video was directed by Daisy Dickinson.

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Benny Page Ft. Assassin - Champion Sound (Lyrics Snippet)

Hey, we the champions
Celebrating like one
Hennessy in my left hand
Champagne in the right one

Hey, sting them like a cobra
Yow, wrap them up like a pipe don
Yow, none a dem couldn't fight man
How drum pan fi clash wid a titan
When mi talk bout champion sound
we be the baddest in the land

Dat mean if we sound come from Zurich
Then a we a run Switzerland
Twitter hashtag man a champion
Gyal a post wi picture pon Instagram

Seh dem love off wi style and flow
Fresh delivery like a pizza man