Bencil - Life Hard (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Bencil performing "Life Hard" off the 'Ruff Life Riddim' produced by Fresh Fame Records. Video filmed and edited by Point Side Promotion / Poppin Media / Clickstarmusic.

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Bencil - Life Hard (Lyrics Snippet)

If yuh don't know hard life
Yuh don't know life yet
We a look fi a better day
Hope fi a better way
Right around the world

Life hard
Who feels it knows, nuff hungry and cyah talk
Life hard
Mi see big rich man get bruck and a live like dog
A nuh me alone a bawl
Everybody a bawl
Seh life ruff nuh bomboclaat

Life hard
Every corner mi turn mi see people face long down
Big Sunday evening yuh food and gas done
Man haffi munch pon bun
Life hard
Slavery nuh done
The youth no collect after work inna hot sun
Baby mother don't have any income
And the pupa empty hand him bring come

Just tek a look inna the inner city
Yuh see seh the livity it no normal
Mi waan buy a car yaw man
Man tired fi a wal yaw man
Tamo weh the money a go come from
If me cyah get no job, a just soso frustration
Nuff hype when dem reach at the top
And a sing when dem come down back