Beenie Man - One And Only - Grillaras Productions

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Beenie Man drops "One And Only" for the ladies fresh off the 'TRU Religion Riddim' produced by Grillaras Productions and digitally distributed by Zojak World Wide.

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Beenie Man - One And Only (Lyrics Snippet)

Baby, me and you a come from solo
Loving you is my Tru religion
Me a tell yuh love so strong
Cause I love you baby

Jah know mi love you, Straight mi a tell you
Seh you a mi one and mi only mi need you
Jah know mi love you gyal
So straight mi tell you gyal
Seh you a mi one and mi only mi need you

Gyal the way yuh put it pon mi
Mi like yuh fine milk and cookie pon mi
Wel professional yuh nuh rookie pon mi
nuh man never tell yuh seh yuh sit'n crawny

Gyal a di way yuh turn it on
When mi cold yuh keep mi warm
Yuh diamond tongue ring yuh put it on
Then yuh rewind

Gyal, when yuh bend over and gimmi back way
Buss a new whine name man a fi go stay
Gyal gone obeah man wid all bible a pray
Yah so mi a stay, me nah go nuh way
Yuh a mi sun and mi moon, yuh a mi night and day
Gyal yuh a mi Indi and mi a yuh Bombay
Yuh best friend check mi wah day
Inna birthday suit bout she come fi play
Mi say....