Beenie Man - Million Gal (Official Music Video)

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Beenie man performs music video for "Million Gal" off the 'High Life Riddim' produced by JA Productions. Video directed by RD Studios.

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Beenie Man - Million Gal (Lyrics Snippet)

Dem call mi king inna the gyallis world lately
Every woman weh a celebrity rate mi
Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Katie
Mi have woman from 18 to 80
A bout 1000 gyal mi have a date mi
And each one a dem have dem own matie
The gyal dem she mi sweet like pastry
It's mathematically crazy

Cause mi have more
Much more than a million gyal
A million gyal
Check, recheck, a more than a million gyal
A million gyal
Slim gyal, fat gyal
Weh mi have?
White gyal, black gyal
Weh mi have?
Old gyal, new gyal
More than a million gyal
A million gyal

Mi have gyal weh fit every description
Doctor gyal we fill mi prescription
Waitress gyal weh work down a fiction
Coke head gyal weh struggle wid addiction
Muslim gyal, Hindu and Christian
Mi share out gyal gi Rex and Tristan
A New York, Paris and Brixton
Black woman, white woman and some mix one