Be Upful And Right - Tuff Nut Studio

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Trinidadian production house Tuff Nut Studio presents its new reggae compilation Be Upful And Right.

Based in Febeau Village in San Juan, Trinidad, Tuff Nut Studio was established in 2006 by producer Michael Samuel AKA Master Mike, who has been crafting reggae gems for a decade now.

Be Upful And Right boats 20 tracks and is a best-of collection of Tuff Nut Studio hits from 2014 and 2015, and is dedicated to youths around the world. Reggae lovers can also look forward to the entire Tuff Nut Studio catalog becoming available for sale internationally, in the coming months from FOX FUSE.

Track Listing:
1. Ziggy Ranking - No Love (Area Connection Riddim)
2. J Dot Manswell - Modern Day Hostage
3. Marley Palmer - All Area Unite (Area Connection Riddim)
4. Marley Palmer - No More War
5. Bucha - Love Until
6. Marley Palmer Featuring Tishana - Star In My Life
7. Bucha - Wolf
8. Marley Palmer - Free Positivity
9. J Dot Manswell - True African
10. Cali P - Precious
11. J Dot Manswell - Always Love You
12. Mr. Royal (Royal Dainties) - Life Of The Ghetto
13. J Dot Manswell - Praise To D Most High (Area Connection Riddim)
14. Tishana - Mr. Selector
15. Marley Palmer - Street Side
16. Marley Palmer Featuring Tishana and J Dot Manswell - Spread Some Love
17. Empress Smooth - Victory
18. Tishana - Last Night
19. Iba Mahr - I'll Be Yours
20. Perry Man - Woke Up This Morning (Area Connection Riddim)

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