Balance - Real Jamaican Ganja (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Balance performing "Real Jamaican Ganja", song produced by Younger Generation Productions.

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Balance - Real Jamaican Ganja (Lyrics Snippet)

So mi waan marijuana, marijuana
Some good skunk and indica
We waan marijuana, marijuana
Some real Jamaican ganja

(verse 1)
When mi smoke it, it mek mi cough
It mek mi uff, it mek mi smart
It mek mi sing good song from mi heart
It mek mi positive whenever we a talk

Herb is the healing of the nation
Remember it deh bout from creation
Mi waan fi smoke it inna the train station
Weed smoke by every other nation

(Verse 2)
Police nuh fi charge man fi herbs
Remember seh dat it good fi yuh nerves
When nut'n nah gwaan and mi kids fi go a school
Well mi haffi sell a pound weight first

Mi seh it good fi yuh poliomyelitis
And also mi seh fi yuh arthritis
Dah one yah it can cure the asthma
Drink the tea mek yuh body feel stronger