Assassin aka Agent Sasco - Sekkle An Cease (Music Video)

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Music video by Assassin aka Agent Sasco performing "Sekkle An Cease" off the 'Nuh Fraid Riddim' Produced by Jah Snowcone Ent / Victory Squad Entertainment / Boomtunes. Video directed by Scorpio 21. Inspired by classic 90's dancehall, Sekkle An Cease captures the essence of authentic Jamaican street dance and stage show experience.

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Assassin aka Agent Sasco - Sekkle An Cease (Lyrics Snippet)

Ah mi seh Sekkle and Cease
Buss a blank if yuh please
Dem will call police if the real thing squeeze
All a the G's dem weh sipping the Guinness
From the spliff done nuh cease
Gwaan blaze the trees

Watch yah Clarks boot him, white tees
Badman yuh could never see inna tight jeans
Still get the ticky when we rock the Nikey
If yuh see mi inna mi fitted, New York Yankees

So, di wul a Brooklyn, Nineties
Flatbush to Bronx Mi cah lef out Queens
Cah lef out di gal them, love dem from inna mi teens
Yes the gal thema mi honey, mi sting them like bees
Bout way before mi teens
From mi eye deh a mi knees
Gal hitch on pon me like me and them is Siamese

Have a gal name Ms Chin, Chinese
Two a we get a pickney weh favor Guyanese
Anyweh gal addicted to me like fiends
A mi dem seh dem wah wah, sirens
Bwoy seh dem a gallis, dem nuh inna my league
Cah dem can't get nuh gal if dem nuh blow like breeze