Artikal - Smile (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Artikal performing "Smile" off the 'Smile Again Riddim' produced by Young Locke Music / TruckBack Records. Video directed by Juvon Saunders & Adam Cummings.

Artikal - Smile (Lyrics Snippet)

Take stress off your mind even when yuh nuh have a dime
Put a smile upon your face
Might just lose your wife thank god yuh got yuh life
Put a smile upon your face
Yuh mama call yuh and she tell yuh seh she happy
Smile upon your face
Smile mi friend, smile mi friend
Everything is alright mi friend

(Verse 1)
Everybody got problems it's not just you
Happiest man having problems too
Vanity nuh mek yuh happy, rich man a screw
Walk the street with a smile and him deven have a shoe
Count on your blessings too much to give about
Give thanks fi life caw yuh could all drop out
.... and yuh living inna house
Smile, a could a rotten teeth inna yuh mouth

(Verse 2)
Tired fi sidung a mi yard
No work cyah find mi haffi pay landlord
Fi live the ghetto life Jah know seh it hard
It's like dog eat dog
Politician cyah get me fi vote again
Caw MP don't give a dyam
Fi we the lower class dem don't have a plan
The only plan dem have fi we live inna sufferation
Come sing along