Alkaline Toronto Interview - Confirms Bleaching, Talks Inspiration For His Music

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Alkaline claims to be a youngster, who through music makes people question everything about life. This is achieved by being as real as possible even if it involves pushing people's buttons. He claims to be humble and happy for what's happening in his career but believes there's still a lot more to achieve.

When asked whether or not his eyes are really tattooed Alkaline responds with a definite Yes. He states that this question will probably haunt him for the rest of his life but it's up to people on whether or not they believe him. Alkaline also confirms that he's bleaching and that the rumors are true. However, he states that bleaching has been around for a very long time therefore you can't give one man (Vybz Kartel) copyright to bleaching.

According to Alkaline, he wasn't influenced by any artistes growing up and his inspiration came from people and things going on in his environment. He's focussing on his music career and not paying much attention to critics and other artistes diss songs. In his own words ""I really don't focus on haters, I really pay attention to the raters". Alkaline is currently working on an EP with UIM Records that should be released soon.