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Check out this track titled "The Pill Song" from Alkaline's 'Raw As Eva EP' produced by Notnice Records. Now available on iTunes and other digital platforms.

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Alkaline - The Pill Song (Lyrics Snippet)

Me meet a germs wah day yah enuh
Di f*cker swear think seh she smart enuh
She text me and say she wah link up
And if me know nowhere nice where we could a go
Me say Jah know mi pocket no stay soh
But still come a mi yard because mi miss yuh to
Hmm, she say no worry babes it alright ah
It's like a sign cah me just all see me period to

A nuh pill enuh, a nuh pill, a nuh pill man, a nuh pill (x4)
If a nuh pill then a wah

She will tell you she don't have a phone
When yuh ask her fi the number (mi no have no phone)
She will tell you she don't see yuh text
Anytime you mention f*ck to her
She will tell you woman mix up
So that's why she no par with gal (gal too mix-up)
All when you see another man a stab out the hole
She still wi tell you seh a just her bredda (a mi bredda)