Alkaline - Shegg Up (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Alkaline performing "Shegg Up" off the 'Work Permit Riddim' produced by Yard Vybz Entertainment. Video shot and edited by Mars7Film production.

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Alkaline - Shegg Up (Lyrics Snippet)

Me nah lie it shegg up
When you find out your friend fake enuh
Look how you check fi him rate him so much

Me nah lie it shegg up
When somebody weh you use to rate
Mek you haffi a pree fi go shegg dem up

Me nah lie it shegg up
Look how much things you tell dem
And is like dem would a use it gainst you

Me nah lie it shegg up
How people so damning shegg up
Just fi talk bout it mek me feel shegged up

Well anyway me wonder if when you sell out yuh friend yuh mek money
If a so then a bare Judas me have round me
All when me broke so till mi prefer tan hungry
Worst 30 pieces a silver cah go do nothing fi me
Mi good good friend tun mi weh sell me
To how me hurt mi wah shell him dung anyweh mi see him
Mi stop trust people neven Mr. Chin cah tek liberty a me