Alkaline - Live Life (Official Music Video)

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Alkaline performs music video for "Live Life" off the 'Problem Child Mixtape'. (C) Alkaline Musiq 2014.

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So so bad and mi proud a it
Society cah tell me how fi live
Mi still a smoke nuh matter how bad mi asthma is
And God know mi like fi mek love and video it
So be proud a who yuh is
Cah every man have dem life a live
And no matter weh nuh body wah seh
Mi still a go be me, di same dutty maga piece a prick

Ghetto youths weh have a dream
Just gwaan work di money soon come in
And nuh mek nuh body tell yuh notten
Tell dem seh whatever dem nuh wah yuh come out to nothing
Do nuh fraid fi be yourself
Just live fi you and nobody else
Look a frass if yuh love fi smoke
Love who yuh wah fi love
Live life with no regret