Alkaline - How It Feel (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Alkaline performing "How It Feel" off the 'How It Feel Riddim', produced by DJ Frass Records.

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Alkaline - How It Feel (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Gunman inna yuh hole mi know yuh like that
Drape up yuh bloodclaat and then yo s*ck mi c*k
Gunman inna yuh pu$$y hole
Bomboclaat murderer nice to yuh alone
Some things weh yuh seh to mi meck mi haffi laugh
Like when yuh vex and mi hey yuh seh f*k off
Yuh look so sexy wid mi gun inna yuh draws A dat turn mi on

How it feel....
Seh she like how it feel....
When a badman a f#ck she
Mi know yuh like how it feel.... feel
Seh she like how it feel....
100% security

(Verse 2)
A so mi know yuh really have mi head a way
A yuh alone really understand mi devilish ways
Yuh know fi calm mi down when mi vex and a rage
Look how mi bad and a send lol and smiley face

Mi really really like yuh enuh
But mi don't know how fi tell yuh enuh
Mi wish yuh could a see how much mi love yuh
But mi don't know how fi show mi love
Mi cah be the man fi you
Di one yuh show yuh family to
Unless a must dead mi dead
And yuh show dem seh mi was somebody weh yuh knew