Alkaline - Give Thanks - Lee Milla Production

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Alkaline sings "Give Thanks" for life in new track produced by Lee Milla Production.

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Alkaline - Give Thanks (Lyrics Snippet)

Pu$$yhole weh yuh a go, go a yuh raas yard
Yuh madda send yuh fi go school, nuh fi go floss dawg
Unless yuh battery dead nuh badda wul nuh charge dawg
Tan deh follow frend see if yuh nuh end up dung a morgue dawg
Yuh nuh love gun like mi, listen when mi talk dawg
Fi fire shot nice but fi get shot lick hard hard
Nuff things mi learn from [email protected]@t dawg paw
Mi nah tell yuh no f*kry, wid badness yuh haffi smart smart

Good life out deh fi live and a no lie, no lie
Nuff bees a pitch pon yuh, yuh just a fly, a fly
Yuh cyah afford fi go jail, yuh cyah afford fi die
Nuh live yuh life careless, nuh follow Alkaline

Give thanks fi life, give thanks fi life
Nuh dash weh yuh life, youth protect yuh life
Give thanks fi life, yuh fi give thanks fi life
Fi have money cyah done, nut'n nuh so nice
Give thanks fi live, give thanks fi life
The dearest car dem mi wah fi drive
Nah dash weh mi life, nah dash weh mi life
Mi rather kill mi self than commit suicide