Alkaline - Dear Pastor - Smoke Shop Studioz

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Alkaline drops another raunchy track titled "Dear Pastor" straight out of the vendetta camp. Single produced by Smoke Shop Studioz.

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Alkaline - Dear Pastor (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Dear pastor mi waan yuh help me
Mi happy fi see seh that yuh healthy
Mi like fi read fi yuh column inna the paper
But da one yah mi a go talk lengthy

But anyway, mi have a catty she a innocently
Come een like seh a God a send she
Mi nuh know a weh she throw inna mi drink
If a spanish fly or a likkle a the mali

But anyway, all mi can think bout seh a she
while she nuh give a f*k about me
We use to link one another now she nuh link me
Mi text her she don't text me
She tell mi seh woman a the worst now mi believe she
Pastor tell mi weh mi fi do please
Believe mi bawl eye water, pastor caw me
Not even get fi see the pu$$y

Anytime mi touch you, mi touch you
Mi soul hover over mi body
Anytime mi touch you, mi touch you
Nobody nuh happy like a me
Anytime mi touch you, mi touch you
Mi waan turn a decent smaddy
Anytime mi touch you, mi touch you
Together till we dead mi pree

(Verse 2)
Hello son do nuh use expletives
Now mi see the type a man you is
She should a never chat to you inna the first place
Caw yuh no know weh respect is
Mi haffi laugh, lowe the girl alone and go bill
Nuh mad over milk weh done spill
Although inna fi yuh heart yuh hurtin
Get a live like Kevoy Burton

S*k yuh madda pastor bwoy
Nuh care weh yuh seh mi a the don
Yuh full a chat inna yuh paper column
If me mek a gyal mad mi a fi mi decision
Better gyal caw mi nuh love man
Your greatest concern a fi mek yuh [email protected] stand
Tek spray starch off a yuh plan
You shouldn't a give no advice
Caw all weh yuh do a mock people imperfection

But a weh the bomboclaat da dunce head yah come from
Come een like yuh nuh get pu$$y how long
Mi simple seh too much gyal deh yah fi yuh mad over one
Just prove to me seh you a waste man
The amount a gyal weh mi f*k inna congregation
Nuh surprise if fi yuh mumma a nuh one
Oh my God shala-mala mi beg yuh pardon
Do accept me inna yuh kingdom

(Repeat Chorus)