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Alkaline performs "Bedroom Fantasy" produced by So Unique Records.

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Alkaline - Bedroom Fantasy (Lyrics)

You inna mi life
Mi waan you inna mi life
You inna mi life

Baby, don't you like-like when c*ky stroke you
She seh Alka send c*ky inna mi cho-cho
Tek yuh likkle time pon a c*ky round yah
I wanna f*k you again

Baby, bend ova baby touch yuh toe so
Yo fabolous, look so fabuloso
Tek yuh likkle time pon a c*ky round yah
I wanna f*k you again

(Verse 1)
Baby, yow mama, yow mama
Yow mi think bout yuh pu$$y so much
Oh God mi hope mi don't flop
No doctor, do shot
The mother f*king deejay inna yuh pu$$y no rapper
Don't stop, don't stop
C*ky inna yuh belly full yuh belly that a your snack
Yow mama, yow mama
And I wish I could a f*k you again

This yah c*ky have the power
Gimme everything weh mi waan
Ask gyal fi anything when we a f*k
She haffi say aah
Mi nuh live by no christian law
Mi poke the pokey regular
Stay deh turn diana chief
Mi still a beat yuh pu$$y jaw
But we a pu$$y avana
But a Chester get the jaw
Caw when mi seh jack it up
Yuh c*k it up pon di dresser
Mi could a f*k any gyal innna the galaxy weh mi waan
But mi don't waan fi dweet
Mi only waan dah lucky yah
No, nuh di phone