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Alkaline performs "ATM - All About The Money" off his upcoming EP 'New Level Unlocked'. Single produced by YRNF Records.

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Alkaline - (ATM) All About The Money (Lyrics)

I'm all about the money
Like broke life never know mi
Mi, mi forever boasty

I'm all about the money
Like seh a Nanny grow mi
Voluntary service a nuh mi

I'm all about the money
That a nuh the president that a mi
Every dollar have a picture a mi

I'm all about the money
And the money all about mi
The money all about mi

(Verse 1)
No money, no money, then good bye
Nuh bother hail mi don't even bother say hi
Tired a white rice wah bout some Rose Royce
Private jets, these public life
Bruk life nuh have no vibes
That's why me and Lee up every night
Stay up every night
So much that we sleep out the days of our lives
Call it a soap opera life
Just fi live the soap opera life with big cars and big bikes
The type a life weh mek a man forget wah broke life did feel like
Mi a talk larger than life
2016 mi pree the profit pon top a profit
What a prophet am I
And mi tell Sashy seh soon we a go need some bigger cups fi these ice

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Since mi buss weh fly gone
Never see so much hate from I born
Mi knock out the heavy weight now a the referee waan fi fight man
Mi owna people and the media a try bring mi back a square one
The fame.. the attention
So tired a it mi cyah stop yawn

(Repeat Chorus)