Alkaline - Anywhere We Go - Head Concussion Records

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Young controversial artiste Alkaline drops new diss track titled "Anywhere We Go" lashing out at Bounty Killer and Foota Hype labeling them gyal clown. This song is taken off the 'Futuro Riddim' produced by ZJ Chrome / Head Concussion Records.

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Alkaline - Anywhere We Go (Lyrics Snippet)

We get any gyal, tek any gyal
That a anywhere we go
Mount a bwoy gyal we a f*k
And the f*ker dem neven know

We get any gyal, tek any gyal
That a anywhere we go

Anywhere we go, Anywhere we go, Tek weh
Anywhere we go, Anywhere we go

(Verse 1)
Chrome seh Alka how you so cold
How yuh fi tek the man one gyal tun yuh own
Dawg yow a so the thing a roll
And so man wealthy mi get any pum pum
If you nei hear get a comb down
Pon the Mobay side a real gyal zone
And mi nuh haffi talk long dawg
As mi seh hello draws tek off start morn

Mi a the real teacher inna the gyal class
Tell a wannabe seh fi go home
Nuh vex if mi tek weh yuh gyal
Then lend yuh back dawg that a student loan
Why mi have so much pu$$y all bout
In differentiate fake friends right yah now
All mi Samsung start f*k itself
Cause too much pu$$$y picture inna mi phone
Good looking, light skin, full a tattoo, what a blessing
Straight Lui V when mi step out lettuce waan knam mi
True mi dressing