Alkaline - Affi Rate She - Lee Milla Production

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New track from Alkaline titled "Affi Rate She" produced by Lee Milla Production.

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Alkaline - Affi Rate She (Lyrics Snippet)

Mi baby we quarrel and we fight enuh
You say yuh hate me and me hate you too
Mi hate you too

Hear me nuh Lee Milla
Dis yah gal mad but a she me love
Nuff time me feel like fi box her down
But me love her too much (me love her too much)

Nuh matter weh happen mi haffi rate she
She deh deh fi mi when me bruck and hungry
No matter what she a stand up beside me
All when di two of us mash up and cah gree
Mi swear to mi heart seh mi nah leave
No matter wah mi love yuh said speed
You alone mi see when problem reach me
So mi no put no gal before she

Mi nuh love no other gal, a yuh a di fuss
You deh deh fi mi when mi no have it enuh
Mi done a spend money pon you
But right now me a pree fi spend fimi life wid you
Honestly mi put all a mi faith inna you
NHT could a deal a just you me trust
Things weh yuh do fimi no other gal nuh do