Alaine - Favorite Boy (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Alaine performing "Favorite Boy" off the album 'Ten Of Hearts'. Song produced by Chimney Records (Country Bus Riddim). Video directed by 13th Tribe Productions.

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Alaine - Favorite Boy (Lyrics)

You're my favorite boy
You bring such joy to my world
Tell me I'm your favorite girl
You're my favorite boy
Come dance with me forever
Tell me I'm your favorite girl

(Verse 1)
Me love the way you look
Me love the way how you a gwaan
Me love the food you cook
Me love the clothes weh you have on
Yeah, Me love the way you keep me safe inna a storm
A you alone can make me feel calm
Me never feel like this from me born
But now me see the writing clearly pon the wall
You and me a the right thing clearly overall
Loving running over like Niagara Fall

(Verse 2)
Ooh wee my life is fill with laughter
This is truly happily ever after
Like a story or a movie
With the credits starring you and me
And nobody could ever separate me from me heart
No matter weh dem try dem caw tear us apart
Yeah, we connected like the internet
Me boo-nu-nu-nus dare friend

(Verse 3)
There is nothing in the world like this
There is nothing quite like us
I give you my heart my promise
Baby just because