Aidonia - Youths Dem - Tiger Shark Records

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Aidonia represents for the ghetto "Youths Dem" in his latest Tiger Shark Records produced track.

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Aidonia - Youths Dem (Lyrics Snippet)

Seh dutty Babylon yuh evil
Everyday yuh get up and a wul' dung black people
The Garrison a suffer and yuh laugh, how dat fi sweet yuh
Yuh fi mek it better fi di youths a dat yuh need to
Cah mama youth a bawl and she cyah buy yuh feeden
Not even fresh water fi drink yow what is the reason
Babylon yuh wicked, mi seh Jah Jah a go beat yuh
Uno nuh seh love, uno seh war and mi seet to
Dem wah wi kill we one another like weh some disease do
So people, go for yuh bible and pree to
Mental food dem word weh Jah Jah a feed yuh
Babylon nuh waan di youths dem wise up
Nuh waan we burn nuh herb, dem wah we tek di neegle