Aidonia Talks Spiritual Awakening - Starts Rastafari Journey

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Dancehall artist Aidonia sat down with Winford Williams of Onstage TV to talk about his spiritual awakening and his shift to more positive music. Back in July, Aidonia was well received at the 22nd staging of Reggae Sumfest and everyone took note of changes in his music and attire.

Aidonia addresses issues such as the burning of Romeich Wear, claiming that his action was due to a falling out that happened prior. He claimed that Romeich disrespected JOP, more specifically the 'Run Road Brand'.

Donia talks about changes in his life and his music since his fiancee got pregnant. He's shifted to more positive and uplifting music to help build up Jamaica and the ghetto youths. He claims that youths in Jamaica are lost and that they need to "put Jah first and everything else after". Aidonia also states that he would like to see some level of friendship between Bounty Killer and Mavado.

Last but not least, Aidonia promises a new album drop scheduled for early 2015 which will feature exclusively 'clean music'.

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