Aidonia - Pretty Please (Official Viral Video)

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Viral video by Aidonia performing "Pretty Please", produced by Jag One Productions and G3 Muzik. Video directed by TheBeatBanga.

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Aidonia - Pretty Please (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
The first time me and you f*k
Fall in love wid yuh punany baby
Yuh tight pu$$y grip mi, mi c#m
You have mi gyal but you have mi a way
When yuh play wid the titty wid yuh tongue
Same night me and you deh inna the studio
Yuh tell mi yuh naw gimme none
Mi seh pretty please me waan some

From the first time we f*k mi love yuh
From the first time we f*k mi love yuh
Me want yuh, no gyal cyah do weh she can do
Pretty cute face gyal me want yuh
No gyal cyah do weh she can do

(Verse 2)
Shi want di c*k
Pull har inna har hair
Turn har round so fi di back shot
She want di whine fi whine pon it
Mi seh come gyal sidung and squat
Mi a go give yuh di ride a yuh life
She seh baby ooh it hot
So tight mi haffi a fight fi nuh pop

(Verse 3)
I love you, You love me
Ooh girl whine on me
Hold mi, gyal yuh grip tight on me
Girl look inna mi eyes and see
Seh me want yuh
No girl cyah do weh she can do
Squeeze up close and a squeeze on you
This a real love girl me and you