Aidonia - Ganja Farmer - Tiger Shark Records

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Aidonia express his love for marijuana in new track dubbed "Ganja Farmer", song produced by Tiger Shark Records.

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Aidonia - Ganja Farmer (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yuh know mi love the marijuana
Yeah mi burn di chalice, kutchie hotter than a sona
When yuh burn di herbs if yuh hype dat mek yuh calmer
When yuh burn di herbs dat will send yuh meds go farther
Anywhere inna di world mi deh, mi haffi big up di ganja farmer
Cah uno put in the work fi mek wi enjoy da sacred plant yah
Mi know di herb full up a medicine, gwaan go ask yuh doctor
Tell the soldier in helicopter

I'm in love wid the marijuana
I'm in love wid the marijuana
Everybody weh a hold the meditation
Weed inna brain deep penetration
Dem smoke the marijuana

(Verse 2)
When Babylon a kick up rumpus
Still a come pon bus, still a come from country
Yuh nuh sidung pon wall and burn cigarette
Or tobacco like three likkle monkey
Ask Sizzla Kalonji, how mi weed dem strong and punchy
When yuh see mi, to how my eye red
Yuh would a feel seh somebody thump mi
Run the herbs, dem know mi burn dat
Feed my brain and don't mek mi hungry
And we don't burn crap that mek yuh frass
Jump off a bridge and feel yuh a bungee
Ask size 10, him a di hombre
How much high-grade weed mi gi Bounty
Mi nuh burn nuh cigar like Humphrey
Sour Diesel and OG combi