Aidonia Ft. Onton - Keep Dem Talking (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Aidonia and Onton performing "Keep Dem Talking", song produced by Ancient Records, video by Peak State Films.

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Aidonia Ft. Onton - Keep Dem Talking (Lyrics Snippet)

Dutty heart people fi low ghetto youths enuh
Some people live dem life fi live pon people name
Dem just love chat chat so
Talk nuh, yow Onton

Keep dem talking
No, we nuh fraid a none a dem
We dem waan friend
No, we nuh waan fi see none a dem

(Verse 1)
Nuff a dem a hypocrite dem nuh waan see we strive
Put mi hand pon mi bible a God a my guide
Dutty heart f*ker dem, nuff a dem waan mi drop in di gutter dem
Waan mi hand dem get cuff again, fi the journey get tuff again
So yuh know the thing tuffa when, when the bread yuh cya butter dem
Nah no herb mi cya puff again, waan mi turn inna cruff again
Waan mi send fi the cutter dem, so the street a get crush again
Informer send police a seh dem fi go fah ten
No strap mi nah touch again, so mi over above a dem
Dem vex true last year money mi just a spend