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Aidonia performs "Crank Up (Feel Good)" produced by Mass Media Records.

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Aidonia - Crank Up [Feel Good] (Lyrics)

Love when yuh tip up pon yuh toe
And bubble pon the c*ky slow
Whine up pon the tip a the c*k
Yuh know fi bruk it like a pro

Bend over, it feel good
When yuh whine pon the c*k it feel good
When yuh sidung pon the buddy it feel good
Gyal yuh pum pum tight it feel good

(Verse 1)
So girl, whine go down galang bad (bruk it off)
Inna yuh belly the john pop
[email protected] she waan then come pon top
Fi bum pon dat what a young gyal phat
Line up fi mi buss and fly out pon c*k
Love gyal weh can f*k and nuh run from dat
From yuh hole good, a bare comfort dat
Pon the buddy get wild, mi love yuh style