Aidonia - 90's Gangsta Town (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Aidonia performing "90's Gangsta Town" off the 'Brawd Board Riddim' produced by Ancient Records. Video directed by Peak State Films.

Aidonia - 90's Gangsta Town (Lyrics Snippet)

Man a murderer
Tell dem seh nuh f*k round the gangster town
War thing nuh sweet like damn cologne
Dem come inna mi place come fire wild shot
So the don seh fi murder dem and nuh care enuh
Matic plug in, 45 change gear enuh
Nine ball through eye ball it fly through there enuh
Time fi bury dem, dem face cyah repair enuh
Gunshot fi bomboclaat bwoy weh cyah hear enuh
Granspen rifle dem buss like nuclear enuh

People know seh Forth Generation man deh haffi fear enuh
Long gun mi walk wid when mi touch inna the square enuh
People get scared enuh, and start disappear enuh
Caw dem know mi nuh waste shot
Mi nuh buss my gun inna the air enuh
Man a run jump fence and drop, him pants tear enuh
If yuh check him clothes yuh know him piss and shit in there enuh
Brawd board mi use and buss him head like a pear enuh
Blacks car pull-up a who a drive, A Jayds a steer enuh
Phillip and him have two chrome shoes weh mek a pair enuh

Big matic pon mi expensive and dear enuh
Jump inna the car and we just drive come over there enuh
Mi nuh deh pon wild thing so mi haffi catch yuh near enuh
Mi nuh shot man fi dem come out a doctor inna wheel chair enuh
Right in front the bar him go so flick and pull him beer enuh
Boom mi buss mi gun and shot a jook him like a spear enuh
Jordan pon the bike him suicidal devil dare enuh
Zombie a the pilliant him knock it like a snare enuh
Any bwoy dem go fah naw miss dem naw fail enuh