Agent Sasco - Mix Up (Official Video)

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Music video by Assassin aka Agent Sasco performing "Mix Up" off the 'Heaven Bless Riddim' produced by Ranch Entertainment.

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Agent Sasco - Mix Up (Lyrics)

I man a rush dem like a pitbull mix wit a ratty
Shot dem like a rifle mix with a shatty
A nuff a dem love the watchy-watchy, chatty-chatty
Like a peeping tom mix with a mouth-a-massy
Try nuh mix up the original with carbon copy
Don't mix the marijuana plant with the poppy
And no renta-dread nuh fi a mix up with no natty
No fashion dread nuh fi a come talk bout Selassie
Mi love mi girl dem caramel, a likkle coffee
Freaky when she ready but she know when she fi be classy
Talking bout a slim girl mix with a fatty
Mi a talk bout small waist, big batty
Wah she seh she love dumpling & the saltfish mix with ackee
Talking bout the jerk chicken, more time teriyaki
I man have the peanut blend up with the moshy
Mek mi ride it like a cyclist mix with a jockey
Yuh know what's gonna happen when the mami mix with papi
Nine months later baby wrap up inna nappy
Yuh know money a mek a feed the rich mix with the happy
Mi a tell yuh bout the duffle bag mix with the Hitachi

Hear mi
Hey man a gangster Al Capone mix with the Gotti
Champion Muhammad Ali mix with Rocky
Real top a top weh nuh travel inna jalopy
Mi pull up innz Rolls-Royce mix with a Bugatti
Hear mi
Sting international yuh mix dem never shabby
Assassin mix with J Sean mix with the Shaggy
Mi a talk bout the Sly Dunbar mix with the Robbie
Mi a talk bout Billboard #1 mix with the Grammy
But music a we love, is like the work mix with the hobby
We take you for a ride, is like a chauffeur or a cabby
Do we owna thing so we nuh cater bout nobody
And up inna the ranch the whole a we a mad smaddy
Hear wah
A we a call the shots but dem a caddy
We up inna the suite and dem a sidung inna lobby
Yuh call the room mi answer the phone & sound a likkle groggy
Why, mi just feed a bowl a [email protected] soup to Maggi