Adventerous - Sunshine (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Adventerous performing "Sunshine" presented by Revolutionary Entertainment. Video directed by KillaVision.

Adventerous - Sunshine (Lyrics Snippet)

Yuh brighten up mi life like the sunshine
Black woman yuh know yuh a mi lifeline
Me naw break your heart
Me naw make you cry

Yuh give me such a good feeling
So yuh know seh you alone mi a deal wid
Baby mi love you so
Never letting go

(Verse 1)
Mi know mi a nuh the first but mi waan fi be yuh last
Focus pon the future nuh worry bout the past
Dah love yah weh we share girl mi waan it fi last
Caw yuh gimme loving and mi give yuh right back

You're one of a kind
Woman you so amazing
Haffi give thanks fi the day that Jah Jah made yuh
Yuh beautiful a so mi rate yuh

(Verse 2)
Wul heap a girl a look mi but mi nuh care none
A yuh alone fi inna my kingdom
Inna yuh white dress yuh fi a walk down

Feel it from within, this a nuh pretend
If a dream mi a dream mi nuh want it fi end
You're more than a lover
You're my best friend